We want your experience to be Simple. Convenient. Healthy. We do our best to simulate questions that might come to mind. If something isn't covered below, please feel free to contact us at

  1. Where do you ship? We ship orders worldwide.
  2. What are your shipping times? We have a daily pick-up from USPS at 2pm Central Time and a UPS pick-up (Monday through Friday only) at 3pm Central Time. Orders are generally shipped within 3 to 5 business days.
  3. Do you accept returns? Not unless there was an issue such as a damaged delivery. Time is of the essence - If you receive your order and notice the order is damaged you must contact us within 48 hours for an exchange. Unfortunately, no exchanges or returns can be accepted after 48 hours.
  4. What if the order never arrives? If the item was never delivered we will verify status through the shipment tracking number. If the tracking number shows delivery we will not be able to refund the order total or offer a replacement.
  5. What are the shipping costs for your products? Shipping in the USA and Canada is a flat fee of $5.15, and currently, orders over $60 are free. International shipping charges are based on weight.
  6. How can I cancel an order? Please send us an email at to cancel. You must cancel within 12 hours of placement of the order.